TCFC Bible School 1st Term Exam

TCFC Bible School 1st Term Exam


06 April 2019

Students arrived on time and in numbers for the exam. All students were requested to switch off their phones and put aside their bags. Pastor Strike opened in prayer and encouraged the students before they begin writing. He then reminded them about the exam procedures, rules, and regulations.

Students began writing their two hours paper at 10:10 and will finish at 12:10.


The first term exams were based on the following modules:

First year:

  • The Integrity of God’s Word
  • Recognize the voice of God
  • Why we study the Bible
  • God’s interested in your financial success
  • Why we study the bible

Second year:

  • Evangelism Explosion
  • Missions
  • Ministry leadership 2

Third year:

  • Introduction to Management
  • Church Administration
  • Church Management


Feedback from some of the students:

  1. Gabisile Tshabalala (2nd year)

The exam was challenging but not that difficult, I had enough time to study only the scriptures were confusing me a bit. I believe I achieved 80%.

Thembinkosi Ralefeta (1st year)

Enjoyed the exam I passed above 80%, the financial subject was a challenge.


Olga Moropa

Was a bit tricky, I hope for the Holy Spirit to assist the markers (in laughing…. They must understand I am a SASSA!!!)




In summary, the students had mix fillings about the exam, some enjoyed and some did not. The first years were over the moon, but the second and third were singing the different tune! The higher the level the trickier it gets.









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