will build my Church

will build my Church

Ps Mayamiko Mwamadi

29 September 2019


Title – I will build my Church (sub cat Domino mandate)


2 Peter 1:12-13

  1. Dominion
  2. Dominion process
  3. Dominion cost

Gene1: 26

  1. What is Dominion – Official order or condition from the kingdom of God for us to do something and I have that power. Ability to rule and govern and control, with power I carry that ability. Ability to break off the control of our enemies with our divine rule.

Insert Confession

  1. Domino process (Gene 1:28)

God blessed me,

  • Decision God took on your behalf, align ourselves by the decision and to say yes Lord. If you don’t align you will be left behind every decision I make determines my destination. God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing, and we must run with it

Isaiah 1:19

Gene 22:17

Acknowledge the decision by confessing

Insert Confession

Psalms 121

  • Fruitfulness

Isaiah 27:6

For the kingdoms cause

No dominion in barrenness, seed that multiples.


Insert Confession

  • Multiplication

Jere 30:19

  • Fill the air earth

Your presence should make a difference, your words should make a difference. Our presence must change those around us, because you carry the kingdom mandate.

  1. Dominion cost (Mark 11:12)


  • Cost of financial costs, invest money in the kingdom

Invest in our personal lives spiritually.

  • Fasting cost.
  • Prayer cost – Jere 33:3
  • Networking cost –






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