Faith that Conquers

Faith that Conquers

By coming to church we want you to conquer

Hebrews 11 verse 1 to 6

There are things you are hoping for and they are not there yet you either hope for a husband or to start a business

If you don’t have faith it is impossible to please God

How do you seek God? Do you seek him occasionally?

People who succeed don’t seek God occasionally. Fear eliminates faith

Romans 10 verse 17

What do you choose to hear?

Your faith should produce results, there are so many examples in the bible of people who walked according to God’s way and they work

Joshua 6 verse 2 to 16

You have something to possess in life but you are afraid, the company you keep will either elevate you or degrade you be around people who will motivate you (positive people)

Joshua 6 verse 20

God gives you strategies but the challenge is you don’t love the presence of God, we love to be entertained by TV instead

1 Corinthians 14 verse 2

Praying in the spirit

We are born to deliver God’s great work we are not born to die, we have to be saturated by the world of God, there are things that you must possess by faith. The things that we should possess are possessed by other people, by us hearing no or getting rejection does not mean you should not succumb to that because you are a faith person so raise and take it

When you seek the presence of God God will give you divene strategies

The faith walk is not for lazy people. We have to teach you faith all the time because the devil will want to steal your faith

Some people think that faith only occurs when you see some movement but faith is speaking what do don’t see or you don’t even have an idea where will it come from, faith people declare things to come. Some people have a problem with their tongue they lie and think that they will remove mountains in their lives, sweet and beater water does not come from the same well, be careful  of what you say because the power of life and death is in the tongue

Some of us don’t support the kingdom of God, support the work of God not by force but willingly

Numbers 14 verse 20

Isiah 53 verse 4 to 5

Sickness should not be part of your body declare these and see if it won’t come to pass

1 timothy 6 verse 12

Fight the good fight of faith you have the power


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